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About Me


I am a born and raised Washington State girl. I have been fortunate to be able to live in many different parts of the state and develop some long lasting friendships as a result.

After spending 30 years working in education as a teacher and administrator, it was time for me to create the life I wanted to live everyday.  So I made a  life changing decision  and retired early.  This was absolutely the best and scariest decision I had ever made.  Had I not made that decision so many other opportunities would not have opened up in my life.  And I'm truly grateful for the path I've been on.

I have threes sons living around the world.  I love to travel, do photography, be creative, exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle.  My absolute favorite thing to do is to add new friends to my life.


The Nitty Gritty 

Bachelor of Arts:  Elementary Education, English

Master of Arts:  School Administration

Coaching Certification:  Klemmer Coaching Academy

Trainer-Neuro-Linguistic Programming:  Tad James Company

Trainer-Hypnosis: Tad James Company

Trainer-Time Line Therapy©  


American Board of NLP

American Board of Hypnosis

Time Line Therapy Association

Sydney Botanical Gardens
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I am enthusiastic about

helping teams

and individuals

make unbelieveable growth

in a short amount of time.

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