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And Now, the Rest of the Secrets

(Written with an Earl Nightingale voice, if you are old enough to know who he is!)

Let me remind you where we were when we departed the last blog post. Maggie was just getting ready to tell me the rest of her secrets when she had to leave. She assured me her next steps were the most crucial. For a few days, I was left wondering what could be so fabulous that it impacted achieving goals.

Maggie and I met at the agreed-upon time, at the agreed-upon place, and engaged in our normal pleasantries. And then…

The secret was revealed.

Maggie went on to tell me about using visualizations (secret 2). She explained that our unconscious mind doesn’t have a sense of the past or future. Everything is viewed by our unconscious mind as being true right now. She went on to explain she visualizes the realization of a goal as if it were happening on an IMAX screen at Disneyland. (Maybe you’ve been on that ride? The one where the sounds are all around you, the colors are bright and vibrant, you notice the hint of beach and saltwater, or mountains and evergreen trees or even fruit trees. You are living it.)

She visualizes what she is wearing when she has accomplished each goal, who is there, what emotions she feels. ALL THE FEELS!

As your unconscious mind plays out the movie of a goal being realized, it believes that the goal has been achieved. Your unconscious mind knows what it is to experience success and it knows that success is possible, Maggie explained. She mentioned that all it takes is for your unconscious mind to think as if it had already happened. And the crazy part, she explained, is more often than not, she is wearing what she visualized, in the location she visualized, with the people she visualized, when her goal becomes reality.

I have to tell you, being skeptical was an understatement.

Our girl time was running short, once again, so as we wrapped it up, Maggie let me know just a bit more. She stressed letting others know about my goals (secret 3). In her words, “The Universe will give you what you desire if you ask for it”. (Substitute God for the Universe if you are more comfortable using that title.) When you put the goal out to others it creates an energy that will get behind you to assist you.

Maggie also mentioned posting her goal so she could see it every day (secret 4). She had it posted several places in her house. She had it posted in her car. She carried it in her purse written on a notecard. The important part was keeping it visible.

As we wrapped up our conversation for the day, Maggie began to tell me about one more thing she did (secret 5). Sadly, we had run out of time and had to schedule another time to learn this piece. She encouraged me to schedule a time as soon as possible because this last “secret” was the key to designing and achieving the life she was living.

Would you like to know what that key is? Are you ready to go after your dreams? I did learn the key and have been able to really create some pretty fabulous things in my life. If you are ready to design the rest of your life and achieve your dreams, let’s get together and make it happen. Reach out and let me know and we’ll get it scheduled.

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