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Five Little Known Steps to Creating the Life of Your Dreams

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

I have a friend, let’s call her Maggie. She is an amazing woman and no matter what life throws her, she nails her goals. She has created a beautiful life. Everything is just as she envisioned.

I have watched Maggie for many years. Through sending her kids off into the big world, going through a divorce, dealing with health issues, and deciding to change her career, she always seems to achieve, manifest, create (call it what you want) the life she wants.

Many people would just wonder what magic Maggie has up her sleeve. Others would be jealous and wonder why they can’t get what Maggie has. Not me, I decided to find out. So I did what many of us do, scheduled some girl time to dig into Maggie’s brain and find out how she makes so much goodness happen in her life.

Got your highlighter ready? Ready to copy/paste? Maybe copy the link to this blog post so you can share it with others? Be prepared to be amazed at how complicated this process is . . . insert sarcasm.

In all honesty, I was floored at how easy the process was. Much of it I already knew. It was the portions I didn’t know, that were life-changing. I’ve been doing this process for many years now and I can tell you it works. So, here goes.


SMART Goals (Secret 1)

Many people know what these are, but at the risk of repeating something you already know, I’m going to briefly explain.

  • Specific: Clear, well defined, explicit

What is it specifically that you want? Example: Release 40 pounds vs lose weight

  • Measurable: Able to assess progress

What will you track to show progress toward your goal? Example: Work out 4 times per week vs work out

  • Achievable: Not impossible to attain

Are you able to achieve it? Has this been accomplished before? Example: Run 500 marathons in a year VS run one marathon

  • Realistic: Within reach, relevant to your life purpose

Is the goal realistic given the time and resources available? Are you committed to achieving the goal? Example: Cooking gourmet meals every night when on a limited budget/or hate cooking.

  • Timely: A clearly defined timeline with a specific target date. Create a sense of urgency.

Can you get the goal done sooner than later? Example: Goal will be accomplished on or before December 25, 2021 VS Goal will be accomplished sometime in the future.


My educator friends (and probably many others), I hope you are still reading because the good part is coming up!

By now, I was wondering if Maggie really knew how she had created all the success she experienced! We all know about SMART goals and not all of us get our dreams just by creating such a goal. Then it happened. Maggie’s phone rang and she had to go home. Before she left, we set another time to finish up the Secret Reveal.

I hope you weren’t holding your breath. Let me encourage you to breathe. We will get back to Maggie next week. For now, here’s a homework assignment: figure out a goal that you really want to accomplish and write it as a smart goal.

If you are open to it, send me your SMART goal and I’ll provide you feedback. I’m really good at catching places where you might have created a loophole for yourself.

Shoot me your goal at

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