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Packing, Moving, and NLP

Packing to Move and NP

I’ve lived in my current location for four years this month. My pattern for moving is about four years and it’s time to move. (There was a stretch there where I moved every year. Brutal!)

The last few weeks, as you can imagine, I’ve been packing. It has been a time for me to purge, reflect, open my heart and consider the meaning of life. No, seriously. That’s what it has been for me.

This go around for moving has afforded me the opportunity to sell stuff. Lots of stuff. Big stuff and little stuff... Each item took some time to post on the selling locations I was using: Creating an eye-catching title (Well Seasoned BBQ meant the BBQ had been sitting outside and had some Pacific Northwest green added to it.), researching a fair price, creating some boundaries, and being patient. I sold a ton of items. A couch, pillows (I mentioned them in a previous blog post), weed eaters, hedge trimmers, ladders, well-seasoned patio set, and more.

I also collected many things that, as Marie Kondo says, “didn’t bring me joy” anymore. Those have been donated to a local Girl Scout troop for their garage sale. With each item, I had an opportunity to reflect on where it had come from and how much fun the next family was going to have with it.

And I threw stuff away.

Where does NLP come into play?

Neuro Linguistic Programming is the use of language to make shifts in behavior, change thought patterns, and help us to change it’s meaning… whatever I choose to make it mean.

NLP also allowed me to use language to entice people to look at my ad for each item I have been letting go of. You see, words have pictures attached. And pictures have emotions. Sometimes the pictures are animated and have smells. Sometimes sounds. The ads allowed people to own the object, even before they bought it. They could see themselves using the item. That is how NLP works.

The most impactful way I was able to use NLP when packing was by allowing me to feel the emotions that surface, dig into the story surrounding the object, and experience the thoughts and physical manifestations that came with each item. I was able to release all that and open my heart to the new. Whatever the new is going to look like.

Finally, NLP allows me to create the life I say I want. You see all of this stuff had been taking up energetic space. When I cleared that out and was able to shift my thinking, I created space for exactly what I want to manifest in my life. I’m excited for the possibility. Just as the clients I coach, have been.

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