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The World View or is it The World View?

Let's talk about the way we view the world.

I'm sitting here on the patio, drinking my first cup of coffee. It’s a beautiful morning with the sun streaming down.

I'm sitting under an umbrella, one of those sun umbrellas that you put on a patio. As I look up from underneath, I see this sunburst, spiral-like thing that holds the umbrella up to all the spines. I don't know how many spines there are. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. There are eight. It's really interesting because you've got some triangles. I don't know what kind of triangles. Maybe isosceles triangles? I know feel pretty safe in saying they're not equilateral triangles.

As I continue looking at this umbrella, I see that there is a pole with a handle and an ornate stand that the pole is in. By now you are probably thinking she’s lost it and needs a life. Or maybe you’re wondering if I have a point to make. Keep reading. I promise it’s coming. Well, my bedroom is straight up above this, on the second floor. And when I look down, I don't see all that I just described to you. All I see is this blue square, just a blue square, no spokes, no pole, no handle, no stand. So my perspective is really different from up there. My experience with this umbrella is very different depending on where I am standing.

What does a patio umbrella have to do with NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)? Well, I didn't learn this concept in NLP. It was in another seminar. I learned that it's all about perceptions and how experiences of a situation can be different for every person involved in that situation.

What one person remembers being said can be very different than what the other person remembers, even though it was the same conversation.

In NLP, we call this a person's model of the world; how they see the world. For me, the model of this umbrella, the model of my world right now is I'm under this blue umbrella with the spines, and spokes, and the pole, and the handle. But when I go upstairs, that model changes a little bit and I have a different experience. So I'm able to see a couple sides of it because I've experienced both sides.

In our model of the world, we can get very set. For example, I just think about all the politics going on right now. There are a lot of people whose model of the world is they worked hard. They had to come up through the ranks and nobody else should have it any differently.

They don't have the model of the world where they might have lived out in the backwoods with no electricity, no way to get to a place, to get a job, or to register for some of the things we know are out there to make life easier. I could go into a lot about that, but that’s not what this post is about. Two people live in the same country, living life, very different models of the world. And sometimes it makes it really hard to understand why somebody believes what they do or does what they do, because we've.

In NLP and in life it is important to make sure we understand the other person's model of the world and that their model is not wrong, it’s just different. It's not a bad thing. It's just different than our model of the world. Understanding this NLP will help us in all we do, whether it be our job, our coaching programs, or understanding the world.

NLP is based on forming pictures, or internal representation, and attaching a label to that picture. This is what happens when you are creating your model of the world. You form pictures. Think back to how you grew up, you've got pictures, and you’ve labeled things in those pictures. Our model of the world is based on this. You can see how this piece is so important to making the world a better place.

I hope this piece helps you a little bit in your daily life. If you want to learn more about NLP and how it can impact your life. Reach out, I’d love to share a little bit more about NLP and tell you how to learn more. If you text NLP to 206-309-6580, I will get right back to you.

As always, have a great week and please share this piece with anyone that might benefit.

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